Three ways to lend a helping hand

Winter is coming; and the newly relocated Fond du Lac Warming Shelter is gearing up to open in November.  Hurricane Season has left its mark on Haiti and the southeastern coast of the US.  Here are three ways to get involved and lend a helping hand.  

Globally – Hurricane Relief for Haiti

Globally – Hurricane Relief for Haiti

Before Hurricane Matthew affected coastal areas of the United States, it impacted the country of Haiti which was still in the process of rebuilding after the effects of the devastating 2010 earthquake.  At this time, almost 900 Haitians have lost their lives, and the effect on the survivors is immense.  According to BBC reports, over 350,000 people in Haiti require assistance in the wake of the hurricane.  

Multiple aid organizations are active in Haiti, and so there are lots of ways to become involved. is a site that rates various donor organizations.

Feed My Starving Children gets a 4-star rating from CharityNavigator, and you can find out more about their relief efforts through the link

International Ministries is responding to Hurricane Matthew with an immediate donation of funds through One Great Hour of Sharing, and is continuing to collect funds to help the people of Haiti, Cuba and the Caribbean through our American Baptist partners.  

Nationally – Hurricane Matthew Relief

Fill-the-Truck-Hometown Fundraiser

October 18, 2016

Dear Family, Friends, and the Wonderful Community I am grateful to be a part of,

As some of you may or may not know my hometown, Lumberton, NC, was flooded and devastated by Hurricane Matthew.  Many of my friends and people I grew up with and their families lost everything!  Some of the residents still don’t have power, running water or if they do have running water it is not sanitary.

The shelters are still full of families that are waiting for the water to go down so they can return to their homes, and then there are those that will never return to their homes as result of damage.  There are 7 schools in Robeson County that were damaged by water and/or falling trees and don’t know when they will reopen. 

You never forget where you come from and my heart breaks for my hometown, so I felt compelled to take action!  I am so grateful to be surrounded by friends, family and a community here in Wisconsin full of people more than willing to help.  I know we all like to help but just don’t know how or who to contact. 

I am fortunate to have contacts in the Lumberton area that I know exactly where the supplies/donations are going to…the good Southern people I know and love will get them. 

Here’s our plan:  We are having a “Fill-the-Truck-Hometown Fundraiser” for all the Hurricane Matthew victims.  Our kind and generous friends, The Cole family, are allowing us to park the truck this Saturday, October 22nd from 9am-5:30pm at the BP Highway Hop in Lomira. Also, the kindness of Joe Ziegler we are able to have a drop off location on Sunday, October 23rd in Fond du Lac on East Johnson Street in the Subway and Euphoria Salon strip mall parking lot.  Please drop off all supplies and donations at that time. If you can contribute, volunteer your time or would like more information, please contact Donna King at or 920-948-7767, or if you are unable to attend, I will make sure your donation is picked up. 

There is no donation too small.  Everyone’s contribution of new or gently used supplies and/or monetary donations will be greatly appreciated! I have attached a list of things needed, but not limited to, that we are able to send.   **See attached list**

With your help we can show my hometown of Lumberton what I already know, how wonderful the people in our Wisconsin community are!

PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE ALONG TO YOUR EMAIL CONTACTS, FAMILY, ORGANIZATIONS, CHURCHES, SCHOOLS, ETC.  Together we can make this happen and make a HUGE difference in the lives of so many families helping to rebuild their homes and lives! 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Donna and Brett King

Anything you or your family uses on a daily basis or that you have in your own home these people need. So anything you can donate is MUCH APPRECIATED:

Gently used or new:

  • Clothes and pajamas: all sizes infant to adult/male and female
  • Shoes all ages and sizes
  • Toys/books
  • Baby supplies such as sippy cups/bottles/blankets/baby wash, shampoo(no car seats, due to regulations)
  • Household décor
  • Furniture (no mattresses please)
  • Bed linens
  • Bath items: towels, wash clothes
  • Backpacks for school

New items only and nonperishables:

  • Hygiene supplies: shower gel/soap, toothbrushes , paste and floss, brushes, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, tampons, pads, razors for men and women, shaving cream and grooming products and etc
  • Diapers/wipes
  • Medicines for infants to adults
  • Nonperishable can goods/soup/etc
  • Baby food
  • Baby formula
  • Bottled water/drinks
  • Pillows
  • Undergarments
  • Clorox/cleaning products
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • School supplies







Locally – The Fond du Lac Warming Shelter


Four Ways you can help The Salvation Army Warming Shelter 

The Salvation Army Warming Shelter opens every evening from November 1 – March 31 inside the Community Corps, 237 N. Macy Street.  The shelter offers opportunity for you, your family, church, business, organization, and school to provide help to those with no place to call home.  Contact Amber the  Shelter Coordinator at 923- 8220 x. 125 or  email with questions and to sign up. 

Donate Time.  Volunteer as a shelter helper.   The shelter staff welcomes warm hearted volunteers to greet guests and settle them in evenings from 6– 8 pm.  Please contact Shelter Coordinator Amber to select a date(s).

 Donate & Serve Dinner for Shelter Guests. Each night shelter guests sit down to dinner at 6:30 pm.  Volunteer to make and then serve the meal.  You determine the menu.  You may use our commercial kitchen or bring in the meal all set to serve.  It’s up to you!  Contact Shelter Coordinator Amber to select a date (s).

Donate Supplies. Donations of the following linens are vital to the shelter’s startup:

188 Sheets, Twin- sized, flat (not fitted)                                                                                 94  Pillow Cases                 64 Blankets, Twin -sized, machine washable                 50 Towels, Bath size                50 Washcloths      

These supplies will need to be restocked throughout the season:

Feminine products                                          Deodorant                                         Toothpaste/Toothbrushes            Rid (de licing)                                                  Combs                                                 Lysol                                     Tissues                                                                 Chapstick                                             Men’s socks/underwear Women’s socks/underwear                    Hand soap                                           Hand sanitizer             Individually wrapped nutritious snacks                                                                      Disposable plates & silverware  Reusable shopping bag                                          Grocery store gift cards                    

   Make a Financial Donation.  Startup shelter supplies and expenses have been identified.  Funds to offset the initial $10,729 needed are appreciated. The Salvation Army is a 501 (c)(3) non – profit organization and contributions are tax deductible.  Donate in person M-F 9 am to 4 pm and/ via mail.   Please make checks payable to:  The Salvation Army and note “Warming Shelter” on the memo line.  Mail or drop off to: 237 N. Macy Street, Fond du Lac, WI. 54935.  Donation receipts will gladly be offered on request.

– – – – – PLEASE  CUT AND RETURN WITH DONATION  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – — – Please accept this $ __________ (amount):      _____ on behalf of    ____ in memory of    _____ from our organization    Organization/Memorial Name: ________________________________________________.

 Name: ______________________________ Address ___________________________________________   

Phone: ____________________  Email: _____________________________________________________________ Thank you for working with us.  Together, we are to be a beacon of hope and help for our community.