Missionary Profile: Sue Hegarty

Sue Hegarty serves in Costa Rica in partnership with the Baptist Federation and the Pastoral Care for Women ministry.

She teaches seminary courses for training pastors with the Costa Rican Baptist Federation, as well as serving as liaison with American Baptist mission teams.

Sue also teaches in the leadership development program for the inter-denominational ministry of Pastoral Care for Women.  This ministry seeks to give Christian hope to women in a male-dominated culture by teaching them of God’s love for them, which then empowers them as they seek to reach their potential as women of faith.

Previously Sue served for 12 years in Cuba where she taught at the Baptist Theological Seminary and directed an editorial group responsible for writing and publishing Bible study materials for all age groups for the Eastern Cuba Baptist Convention.  Prior to that she worked for five years in Nicaragua as the Christian Education Promoter for the Baptist Convention, where she and other national leaders led teacher training workshops and published Sunday School curriculum.

The Pastoral Care for Women program in Sue’s ministry specializes in courses that help women, especially those in abusive situations, find hope and personal growth from a liberating Christian perspective.  Many of the program graduates go on to minister to others.  Sue develops and teaches courses for this ministry and is revamping current class content and materials for republication.  With the Baptist Federation, Sue works to strengthen the ministries of churches and their pastors by teaching classes, Bible studies and workshops.  She is a liaison with American Baptist mission teams that visit Costa Rica to develop fraternal relationships and assist with in-ministry projects.

In addition to praying for Sue’s work, please pray her family’s physical, emotional and spiritual health and a good balance between school, work and family time.  Thank you!