Hadath Baptist Church Update

Exciting things are happening with our brothers and sisters at Hadath Baptist Church in Beirut, Lebanon ‑ including a new name: Resurrection Church Beirut!  Their ministry focus for 2016 is “Holy Families”, strengthening marriages and building up families.  200 Life Group leaders attended training to launch this ministry.

In January, the church rented space from a nearby school to have a joint worship service; the worship space at RCB’s building isn’t big enough to accommodate everyone at once.

The church continues to minister to refugees of the wars in Iraq and Syria.  One of the church members who has had an outreach ministry in Naba’a (a neighborhood in Beirut with a large number of refugees) has planted a church in the refugee community.  Lebanon, with a population of about 4.5 million, is hosting an estimated 1.2 million Syrian refugees, in addition to many Iraqi and Palestinian refugees, and has the highest number of refugees per capita in the world.  This places a tremendous strain on Lebanon’s infrastructure, which is still recovering from its own civil war and more recent war with Israel.  Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters at Resurrection Church Beirut as they reach out in Christ’s love to those in need around them.

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