Christian Education Update

Happy Spring!!  It is a beautiful spring day as I sit here writing this (almost summer weather) and I can’t help but think of how quickly the weather can change.  Just earlier in the week we were taking walks with heavy jackets, hats, and gloves, and now my children are running around in shorts and tank tops.  It reminds me of the way God works in our lives when we give it over to Him and have faith.  Just that quickly, we can feel a sense of peace and acceptance that is not found anywhere else.

With May comes the wrap-up of our Sunday School classes and Children’s Church until the fall.  This is not meant to discourage you from joining one of the classes offered, but to encourage you to come and see what you may be missing out on.  We are all learning so many things in our classes with more to learn every time we meet.  I have learned a lot from not only attending the adult class, but also from teaching our little ones every other month.  We would like everyone to feel comfortable in coming to Sunday School, so please let us know if there is another class you would like to see offered.

On a side note, summer is almost here, which also means that VBS will be upon us soon.  We are planning on having it in August again on a Friday night and Saturday afternoon, but still looking at dates.  If you would like to help out with this, please let me know as we will be having an information meeting coming soon.

Jen Koenigs