America for Christ Offering

Upon journeying through our community, one can see countless people in need of Jesus’ love and healing touch.  You may be pondering what difference one can make in addressing so many needs.  Together, we can make a difference by supporting the America for Christ (AFC) Offering 2015.

The theme this year ‑ “Discipleship: A Journey of Grace”, based on Titus 2:11-13 ‑ is a wonderful reminder that Jesus’ public ministry was all about connecting with and caring for people in need.  On each day of his journey, the compassion of Jesus was felt by someone somewhere.

We learned that we should live to love because true freedom in Christ enables us to do so by the power of the Spirit in our life.  The outworking of God’s grace will be seen most often during difficult times.  God’s grace is being manifested in our lives as we gladly seek to help others carry their burdens.

The AFC Offering 2015 reminds us that when grace happens we receive not a nice compliment from God, but a new heart.  We receive a transformed life that becomes the hands, the feet, and the prophetic voice of Jesus Christ in our communities and as we connect with people every day.

How do we see the grace of Jesus Christ at work in our community?  We are encouraged by this year’s theme to come alongside people as they journey through life.  Let’s join together in giving generously to this year’s AFC Offering in support of home mission that is making a difference.  Thank you!