60 Steps of Faith

60 steps of faith 2.001What is a step of faith?  Whenever we make a specific response to a sense of God’s calling.

We do this all the time.  Our opportunity is to be intentional:

  • Listening for “God-nudges” calling us to act.
  • Looking for “God moments”, seeing God at work around us.
  • Stepping out in faith by responding to those nudges in those moments.

What could it look like?

  • Changing a pattern in our lives
  • Stepping outside our normal routine or comfort area (for a purpose!)
  • Taking time to get to know someone new God brings into our lives
  • A specific act of kindness or generosity to someone
  • Slowing down or saying no to something to spend more time on what is really important
  • Taking a risk in faith
  • Forgiving someone (maybe even ourselves!) as God has forgiven us
  • Looking for and acting on an opportunity to serve in some small or large way
  • Inviting someone to a mission, small group or worship experience at Memorial
  • Sharing a story of a time or specific way God made a difference in our lives
  • Choosing not to speak or act at a time when our response wouldn’t honor God
  • Inviting God to take control of a part of our lives we’ve held back
  • Giving or rededicating our lives to Christ
  • What does it look like for you?

Just One Step a Week – Try two on the first week of the month.  (Yes, we know that would mean 64 steps of faith… aim high!)

Share the Journey, Share Your Stories!  Using the “leaves” on the entryway table, write a word or sentence about the step of faith you took this past week, and place it in the offering plate or directly on our tree of faith in the front of the sanctuary.  Watch the visible sign of God’s life in us take root as the leaves fill our tree in the coming year!