1970s News Clips from Memorial Baptist Church

June 6, 1970—An 8th grade girl from Memorial Baptist writes a letter to President Nixon asking, “Why do we worry more about the astronauts than the men dying in Vietnam?”  The question came up in a Sunday school class discussion and the youth could not find an answer.  President Nixon’s staff assistant replied to her.

June 1971—A group of people from Memorial Baptist attended the Billy Graham Crusade in Chicago.

1974—MBC calls a new pastor, Dr. Val Sauer from Aberdeen, South Dakota.

January 19, 1975—Three members of the original building committee of MBC were present when a $30,000 mortgage was burned.  The church and parsonage were built in 1958 at a total construction cost of $113,690.

1975—Six Vietnamese families move to Fond du Lac, following an invitation from MBC.  When they left Vietnam, the war was over and their homeland was in turmoil.  Human misery prevailed across South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand.  One man said, “Many of my friends and classmates are in prison in the north [Vietnam].”  His sister was the only family member who was not able to escape the country.

October 22, 1977—Bruce Fauska and Louann Leonhardt are married at Memorial Baptist Church.

1978—Pastor Bill Cornelius was called to serve as pastor at MBC.  Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius arrived in Fond du Lac with three of their five children.  A dinner welcoming the Cornelius family was held following the September 3rd service.

1980—Memorial Baptist celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Tom and Kathy Bonde

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