Welcome Rev. Carolyn Dugan!

On April 4th, Easter Sunday, we welcomed Rev. Carolyn Dugan who will journey with us as our long-term pastoral support. We are starting out with a 6-month covenant. We are excited to have Rev. Dugan join us. In her capacity as long-term pastoral support, she will preach every Sunday except one Sunday each month. In addition, she will meet with the Diaconate once a month and write an article for the Lamplighter every other month. Depending upon her schedule, she will be available to perform weddings and funerals. In those cases where she is not available, we would contact the ABC-WI for pastoral support. Requests for counseling would go through the month on-call Diaconate member. That person would consult with Rev. Dugan, as needed, on how to handle or refer the request.

While writing this piece, I requested information from Rev. Dugan for the article. Following is her reply, written in the third person in her own words.

~Pat Olson, Search Team

Rev. Carolyn Dugan is currently the North America Talent and Development Specialist for Covance by LabCorp as well as the Associate Regional Minister-Camping for ABC-WI.

Carolyn grew up in Wisconsin with most of her younger years in Monroe where she played tennis and basketball, graduating as a Cheesemaker. She attended one semester of college at Sioux Falls and graduated with a BS Zoology from UW-Oshkosh. She then spent almost 20 years working for Covance Labs as a technician, supervisor, and manager in several different departments. She is back working at Covance by LabCorp as a Training Development Specialist for Toxicology with a main area of focus being leadership development.

She previously held the Director of Camping and Associate Regional Minster – Camping roles for Camp Tamarack from 2012-2020 and is looking forward to being back and helping people just “Be” at camp and exploring more outdoor ministry ideas.

Carolyn attended CENTRAL Baptist Theological Seminary at the Region Office and through online learning, graduating in 2016 with her Master of Divinity. During this time, she also worked as the Christian Education Director for The Federated Church of Green Lake. In the fall of 2016, Carolyn celebrated her ordination with the support of the Region and The Federated Church.

She lives in Randolph with her husband Jim and many different creatures including: dogs, cats, llama, goats, mini horses, sheep, donkeys, chicken, and peafowl – to name a few, on their 5 acre farmette. They have one daughter, Emma, who is studying astrophysics at Michigan State University. Carolyn loves being active and you can find her doing a workout, walking the dog, kayaking, playing tennis, coaching volleyball, or reading a great sci-fi book.

Carolyn’s original degree is in Zoology so creation is an important part of her faith journey and relationship with God. She is working on a “Pastor in the Pasture” ministry with her animals and connecting people to the Creator through creatures and the outdoors.

She grew up as a Pastor’s grandkid and didn’t realize that not everyone went to 5 church services on Easter morning and that when Grandma said go up and sing- you got up and sang. She is the granddaughter of Rev. Keith Epps who was a pastor in the Region for 60 years. At one point he was even looking at coming to Memorial Baptist in the mid 1960’s, but with 7 kids, the parsonage wasn’t big enough.

Carolyn is looking forward to sharing the journey with Memorial Baptist over the next several months.

~Rev. Carolyn Dugan