Lenten Bible Study

“In the Footsteps of Jesus: Journeys to Jerusalem” ‑ In the weeks leading up to the remembrance of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, you are invited to join us in a journey through the Gospel of John from 5:00-6:00 PM every Wednesday evening during Lent.  Dinner will be provided.  See how John’s Gospel uses the major Jewish festivals as a way to reflect on Jesus’ identity, and reflect on how we are invited to move deeper into God’s continuing story and work in the world.

The Memorial Baptist Church Sanctuary will also be open from 6:00-7:30 PM for anyone to come and go as they wish, in order to provide a quiet place to pray and reflect.  All are invited to come and use the sanctuary at this time whether or not they are part of the Bible Study.  

March 8th ‑ The Word of God: John 1-2

March 15th ‑ Signs of the Messiah: John 3-4

March 22nd ‑ The Feast of Sabbath: John 5-6

March 29th ‑ The Feast of Tabernacles: John 7-9

April 5th ‑ The Feast of Dedication: John 10-11

April 12th ‑ The Feast of Passover: John 12-13