Diaconate Soup Dinners

Two years ago, the Diaconate members hosted a series of soup dinners for their shepherding groups.  (Everyone in our extended church family has a Diaconate member who prays for them, checks in with them occasionally and reaches out to them in times of crisis.  If you don’t know who your Diaconate shepherd is, ask Pastor Brian or someone on the Diaconate: Kathy and Tom Bonde, Jim Helmer, Jen Koenigs, Sue Sonnentag.)  These meals were an opportunity not only for people to get to know one another and their Diaconate shepherd better, but also to talk about what we see in our faith community: opportunities, needs, challenges, ways in which God is at work.

We’re going to do something similar this year, but spread out over several months.  This month, Kathy Bonde will host a meal for the people in her shepherding group at 6:00 PM on Sunday, April 22nd.  If Kathy is your Diaconate shepherd, you will receive an invitation from her in the next few weeks.  If you have a food allergy or other dietary need, please let her know about it when she contacts you.  Other Diaconate members will host meals later in the year for people in their shepherding groups.  Everything will be provided for the meal; just bring yourselves.  We encourage everyone in our church family to pray for these gatherings as we share our thoughts and ideas, and we look forward to getting together for food and conversation!

Gabrielle Hastings