2018—A turning-point

2018 challenged finances, emotions, and time—but we’ll come out stronger through growth.

We began the year in response to a $10,000.00 budget shortfall that required reducing Pastor Brian Hastings hours to 80% of full time. That hurdle fostered an idea within the congregation to match pledged increases in giving up to $5,000.00. Our group met the challenge and brought lifeline giving to functional levels.

Then came the announcement that Pastor Brian and Gabrielle would be leaving us. While saddened, we could only feel love and respect for them and the 19 years of dedicated service they provided.

When you lose both your Pastor and the Church Secretary in one instant, you suddenly realize the burden that is placed on everyone within the congregation to be patient and caring as leaders try to pick up the pieces and move forward. We’ve had a grieving period but were fortunate enough to get help quickly.

Susie DeMay became the Administrative Assistant two weeks before Gabrielle’s departure—allowing ample time to acclimate.

Reverend Zachary “Zach” L. Vincent, M.A., joined our Ministry through an agreement with the Design Group International® to focus on the Church’s health, vision, and spirit as we lay the groundwork to search for a new Pastor.

We couldn’t be happier with our choices, and God is indeed working in our midst to lay the groundwork for our future and His ministry through us.

The infographic shown is a breakdown of your support and how it was used to lay the groundwork for our future and His ministry through us.

Join us at 11:30 am, Sunday, February 24, 2019 at Memorial Baptist Church’s Annual Meeting Part II as we celebrate the financial accomplishments, the emotional strength, and the dedication of time that makes 2019 look even better!

Bruce Fauska—2018 Financial Controller