Supporting the Mission Together

Those who are generous are blessed, for they share their bread with the poor.  – Proverbs 22:9

20160229_160621 When Paul described the church as the body of Christ, and each of us as parts of that body, he was getting at something vital – every part of the body is important and contributes to the ability of the body to live and move and act – to carry out its mission together.  Each of us has gifts, abilities, and resources that God has given us that are vital for the work God calls us to.

Your generosity helps Memorial Baptist Church carry out its mission of reaching out into the community to share the journey and to build people up as we grow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Financial support builds up our ministry together

  • As part of the worship service during the offering
  • Through safe and secure online giving:
  • You can also mail your donation to:

Memorial Baptist Church
645 Forest Ave
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

Two Ways to Give Online:

1) [Click Here] to set up an account / login

2) Use the form below for a one-time gift

Thank you for answering the call to contribute to God’s work here at Memorial Baptist Church!

Your offerings provide the tools to

  • Train and equip disciples of Jesus
  • Worship as a community of believers
  • Build connections among church and community members
  • Allow for people to use their time, serving in roles that support the work of the church
  • Enable us to use our facility not only for our congregation but for others
  • Support local, regional and global mission partners
  • Assist people in need in our community of Fond du Lac

About Online Giving

Why Give?

Giving Reflects God’s Character – God’s very nature is generous and giving.  As we give, we are reflecting that generosity and growing in likeness to God

Giving supports the Mission of God – God uses our gifts to accomplish things together for a greater impact than going it alone would make.

God promises blessings to those who give – By this, we don’t mean what some call the Prosperity Gospel.  Nor do we give in order to receive. At the same time, the Bible repeatedly affirms that God blesses those who are generous to others.

God calls us to care for one another – throughout the Bible, we hear God calling us to take care of one another, particularly those who are vulnerable in our world and society.  Generosity in our personal finances toward those in need also takes place through the church in caring for people’s physical and spiritual needs.

Short answer – no more than God needs any of us to accomplish what God wants to – if God chose to work that way. Yet God’s mission is inherently rooted in working in people and in creation. God therefore invites us to be a part of that with every dimension of our lives, including our physical resources.

Regular giving goes to support the core ministry and mission of Memorial Baptist Church, reflected in our annual budget.

The budget is developed by the finance team of the church, and a draft budget is reviewed and approved by the Administrative Team and Diaconate before being presented to the whole congregation for approval at an annual meeting of the church. So in a nutshell – every member of the church is responsible for how we use what is ultimately money that has been given to God.

  • For those who want to be intentional about honoring God through individual and household budgets, this provides a way to build this into regular giving
  • For some, this is an option which is more convenient than writing a check or carrying cash
  • Sometimes vacations, illness, or snowstorms prevent us from joining in worship on Sunday morning.  This provides options to continue to support our shared ministry even when circumstances get in the way.

Memorial Baptist Church is using EasyTithe to handle online and scheduled giving.  EasyTithe uses the following measures to ensure a secure online giving experience.

PCI DSS Compliance & Security As required by the PCI Security Council and all processing banks, EasyTithe is a Level 1 Certified PCI Compliant Service Provider. This means EasyTithe conforms to the highest set of security standards in the payment card industry. Your account managers, end users, and EasyTithe employees will never have access to the type of sensitive information that might lead to an unauthorized transaction.

SSL Transaction Security EasyTithe uses 256 Bit SSL technology for data transactions. All personal, credit card, & bank information is submitted using 256 bit encryption. There is no stronger form of protection than this encryption and by doing this, we eliminate the possibility that someone might “tap” the line and extract your personal data from it. 256-bit SSL encryption has never been broken and according to RSL Labs, it would take a “trillion-trillion years” to crack the code using today’s technology.

The Datacenter Our datacenter upholds security measures to rigorous standards. Proximity card entry, camera-recorded server room access, and a perimeter security system all protect the datacenter facilities. These security components ensure only employed certified Server Engineers have direct access to the datacenter and individual servers. This restricted access ensures maximum security when maintaining, upgrading, and troubleshooting servers in the racks.

One concern about online giving is that it runs the risk of turning an act of worship into another bill to pay.  We seek to address this in two ways: Using the Biblical model of firstfruits – the idea that while some giving is spontaneous and prompted by the work of the Holy Spirit in a given moment; we are also called to be intentional and faithful about putting God first in all things; including our budgets.  In prayerfully planning our giving, we stay connected with the reality that God has blessed us to be a blessing to others. Using the Offering in Worship as an act of gratitude – we have developed offering cards that anyone can use to write out a word of gratitude for God during the week, an invitation to commitment to God’s mission, or simply to note that you have given online during the week.  This way, everyone can participate in the offering, whether giving in that moment, having given earlier, and in whatever form that offering takes (time / resources / talents.)

While the use of credit cards is one of the options which can be used to make an offering to the church, we strongly urge donations not to be made that would result in credit card debt. We encourage healthy and responsible financial practices

EasyTithe operates by small transaction fees (similar to what credit card companies charge businesses), a 30 cent flat fee and 3% of the amount donated. These fees are deducted from, not added to your donation. Also, the church will pay a minimum of $10 in transaction fees each month, which means that some of that cost to the church is already factored in. If using this service helps more people prayerfully consider and engage in giving to the mission of the church, it will be an overall boost to our ministry.