Christian Education Update

Our first month of the Sabbatical is officially over and while I have taken on a few more roles, my life has become more peaceful as I have gotten better at saying no ‑ especially to myself.  I have always been pretty good at saying it to others (just ask my kids) but when it comes to expectations for myself, I have failed.  This time has been the kick in the pants needed to be more firm in the course I feel God has called me to take.  I love how we have become more intentional about the children being involved in the church and all that goes on.  While things with them don’t always go as planned (they never do), it is great to watch them become more comfortable in taking part of the different opportunities we have given them and grow with the challenge.  They have been learning about the different ways to pray in Sunday School and also getting a chance to put it into practice.  If you ever want to hear an unedited and heartfelt prayer, they are good at those and would love to pray with you.

Our adult classes have taken a different approach to taking a rest.  While one class remains in session, they are spending more time in prayer.  The Kids’ Table has taken a break from meeting for class every Sunday, but have found other ways to still have fellowship with each other and extend it to others.

This time has not meant that we are ceasing all activities happening in the church, but are finding what God truly wants us to be doing.  I for one have felt a peace I haven’t felt in a long time.  I hope that you as well are finding the rest you need.

Jen Koenigs