Christian Education Update

This month is about being thankful.  While there are too many things for me to list, I can tell you that I am most thankful for my family.  This not only includes the ones that God gave me by birth, by marriage as well as by choice.  My church family has helped me to grow not only emotionally, but spiritually as well.  That being said, I am thankful for the reminder of the sabbatical to slow down.  It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, that we sometimes forget to stop and not only smell the flowers, but remember how much joy those flowers bring to us.  (Not allergy season at the time of this writing otherwise it would be a whole different feeling.)  This is a time for us to slow down and remember what we have to be thankful for and to find God’s continuing purpose in our lives and missions.  This is a time for me to listen more to what He is telling me and less of what I want to do.

The children’s Sunday School class will still be meeting during this time, but our focus will be on prayer.  We will be talking about why we pray, how to pray and then applying it.  We look forward to spending time with other adults in the congregation in prayer to not only share, but learn.  We will also be spending time during the normal church service as a group so that we can continue our fellowship with each other, but don’t be afraid to come back and see all that we are learning.

The Kids’ Table will be ceasing their class but having fellowship in other ways.  The other class will continue to meet and fellowship.

Jen Koenigs