Christian Education Update

I love this time of the year.  It doesn’t snow (as often, anyways), the temperature is increasing and best of all, new life is forming all around.  It’s amazing to watch the flowers that have been sleeping all winter coming up to make our world more colorful.  What’s even more amazing is knowing that the One who created all of those magnificent colors can also create beauty in our lives.  God is the master Artist and while natures growth is a beautiful thing to see, I love knowing that He can do even more in the lives of  His best masterpiece, us.  A great way to experience this growth is by fellowship with others in His name.  It’s also great to know that there are many fabulous opportunities here in our own church for this to happen.  There are three different Sunday School classes offered to everyone.  Our children’s class is for those under the age of 13, and we are lucky to offer two different classes for the adults and youth.

There are many other groups available to join no matter what your special talents are.  If you enjoy knitting/crocheting, we have Yarn Ladies.  Love to sing?  We have the Joyful Noise and choir.  If you love children, we are always looking for teachers to help out.  It you have a passion, let us know as these are just a couple of ways to use your Spiritual Gift.

This summer we have another chance to touch the lives of our littlest people.  VBS is just around the corner and the theme this year is Pets Unlimited.  If you are interested in helping out, please let me know soon as I would like to have a meeting in May.

Jen Koenigs