Christian Education Update

The New Year is about to begin!  As we welcome it, please consider joining one of our classes, if you are not already involved.

In January, the preschool class, taught by Caroline Overzet and assisted by various others, will continue learning about Jesus and his impact on their lives.  The elementary class, taught by Jean Schneider and Laurel McKee, will continue with the process of learning the books of the Bible and the basic stories they contain.  For these two classes, at the beginning of the second and fourth Sundays of the month, Pat Olson guides the children in memorizing the names of the books of the Bible and also leads singing.

Mary Hobbs provides snacks for the children’s classes the first Sunday of each month.

Gabrielle Hastings teaches a blended youth and adult class which calls itself “The Kids’ Table”.  In January this class will continue to use videos from the website The Work of the People as discussion starters.

The adult class, taught by John Overzet, will finish studying the book The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown and then return to the study of The Fear of God by T. M. Moore.  The remaining lessons are: “Reasons to Fear God” and “This Way to the Fear of God.”

Jennifer Hobbs has this schedule set up for Children’s Church for January:

January 4: Caroline Overzet and ?

January 11: Louann Fauska and Nerissa Bertram

January 18: Jennifer Koenigs and Tailor Hobbs

January 25: Cal and Christine Popp

As 2014 draws to a close, so does my time as Education Ministry Team Leader.  I thank all who have so faithfully supported me during my tenure; God bless you all!  I thank Jennifer Koenigs for accepting the position!  Please support her and pray for her as she embarks on this new venture.  Thank you.

Caroline Overzet

Education Ministry Team Leader