World Mission Offering

Many of us pray the Lord’s Prayer at least weekly; some pray it daily or even more often than that.  Matthew tells us that, when Jesus gave his followers the model prayer we find so helpful, he also taught them to combine their faith-filled praying with faithful living.  He called them to embody their prayers by living in a way that reflected the very character of God.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is changing lives around the world, and we are privileged to be a part of fulfilling God’s global mission on earth as it is in heaven.  Jesus invited his disciples, “come, follow me” (Mark 1:17).  For those men, it meant leaving fishing nets behind to become “fishers of men.”  Today, that invitation is still ours to take in and live out.  International Ministries global servants work in cross-cultural settings to extend Jesus’ invitation through American Baptist churches and beyond in many creative ways.  This year, World Mission Offering is focusing on three major initiatives: Peace and Justice in Egypt, Abolishing Global Slavery in Thailand and Economic and Community Development in Chile.  The scope of God’s work in the world is truly breathtaking.  The World Mission Offering makes it possible for us to train new global servants, care for the ones on the field and provide the services and resources that they need.

The IM brand mark has changed.  The new logo is meant to convey that God’s work in and through IM encompasses the entire world and makes an impact beyond what the eye can see, just as the letters “IM” stretch across the entire circle and continue invisibly beyond.  The new color represents our vibrant and passionate endeavor to respond to God’s call to global mission.

Please prayerfully consider your gift to World Mission Offering.  Thank you!