Sister Church Initiative

The residents of Puerto Rico are rebuilding since Hurricane Irma.  There is a significant ABC-USA presence in Puerto Rico, with over 112 American Baptist churches on the island alone.  The denomination created a sister church initiative that would pair mainland churches with Puerto Rican churches for mutual encouragement, prayer and connection.  We have been paired with Iglesia Bautista de Lomas.

 As a sister church, we are committed to pray for one another; communicate with one another through letters, photos, email, skype, etc., at least once every three months; visit one another as travel plans permit; communicate in both Spanish and English; promote friendship between the children with letters, art, craft gifts; and participate in the 2021 Biennial in San Juan, where Puerto Rican churches will welcome us on the Sunday morning of the celebration.

The Baptist Church of Lomas began as part of a mission field organized by the American Baptist Churches in the beautiful mountains of the villages of Canovanas and Rio Grande on the island of Puerto Rico.  This missionary field was organized at the beginning of the 20th century, in what is now known as the Baptist Church of Guzmán Arriba, but it was not until 1934 when a group of brothers and sisters began to gather in the Lomas de Canóvanas neighborhood.  This group continued to be organized until in 1946 they became the Lomas Baptist Church.  There are many people who have contributed to the development of this work and many pastors who have led this flock.

A long history that marks the path traveled by a congregation committed to the message of reconciliation between the human being and God, and with the invitation to salvation in Christ Jesus.

You can learn more about Iglesia Bautista de Lomas on Facebook (search for Iglesia Bautista de Lomas) or at

Lydia McKee