One Great Hour of Sharing

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when we look at all the areas of need in God’s world: there’s hunger, sickness, and injustice in so many communities.  It’s easy to feel that we are too small, too insignificant to make a difference, to believe that there’s nothing we do can help.  But there is hope!  We are that hope!  For, as the Apostle Paul writes, “…by the power at work within us,” God is able to “accomplish abundantly more than we can ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20).

As Christians we know that we are part of God’s answer to the need in the world!  God gave us community to practice love and compassion.  We know that when we share our resources we find that there is enough for us all!

As Christians we know that we are all connected; we derive our identity from God “from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name” (Ephesians 3:15). We are all part of the same family whether we live in an agricultural community in Nicaragua or in a bustling urban city in the United States – we are all God’s people.

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians reminds us that we do not act alone.  We act as Church: a gathering of God’s people, still living into Paul’s prayer that we be “rooted and established in love” (Ephesians 3:17b).

In God’s hands, a small seedling might become a revolutionary food system that prevents famine.  That seedling might nourish a child who will become a visionary leader bringing peace in the world.  The contribution we make through the One Great Hour of Sharing offering—the seedling we help plant—has effects that ripple far beyond our imagination and spread far beyond what we can conceive.

Please pray about your gift to OGHS.  Thanks!