Missionary Profile: Shigemi Tomita

tomita-02Through a unique partnership between International Ministries (IM) and Kanto Gakuin University in Japan, Dr. Shigemi Tomita has been appointed to serve as an associate missionary.  After completing her PhD and theological studies in Canada, Shigemi has returned to her home country.  She teaches Bible classes for elementary school students and their parents, and also assists with conversational English classes in elementary schools.  In addition to this, Shigemi speaks at chapel services, is an advisor for a volunteer club of the university and represents IM on Kanto Gakuin’s Board of Directors and Board of Counselors.

Shigemi says of her work, “As part of my teaching at Kanto Gakuin University, recently I showed the movie Amazing Grace, which tells the story of William Wilberforce’s campaign against slavery in England.  They were impressed by the courage, personal sacrifice and time that Wilberforce and others invested in the struggle to finally end slavery in their country.  It was meaningful to them to be able to share their sadness and rejection of injustice.  Teaching the Bible and related subjects to university students who are not interested in Christianity has never been easy.  Some students are free with their harsh criticisms, which can be quite hurtful.  But then there are moments, like when I showed Amazing Grace, when a few students are able to understand the significance and beauty of the Christian ethic as they see how it has made an impact in human history.  It is such a gratifying reward to see students moved by Christian truth and goodness.”

Please pray for Shigemi’s ministry ‑ that the students in her classes will enjoy learning, have a good understanding of Christianity, and come to know the truth; also for the salvation of her family members: her mother, her brothers and sister and their families.  Thank you!