Missionary Profile: Rev. Ricardo Mayol-Bracero

Reverend Ricardo Mayol-Bracero is a regional consultant encouraging the development and consolidation of the Red Continental Cristiana por la Paz (Continental Christian Network for Peace, or CCNP).  Based in Guatemala, Ricardo will travel to coach CCNP members and future members in theological and pastoral training for peace, as well as on the basic goals of CCNP:

  • Research and education for peace: establishing agreements and relationships with other schools, agencies and institutions with the same principles.
  • Public advocacy: monitoring violence throughout the Americas and establishing mechanisms to prevent violence and support those who have experienced it.
  • Organization of special groups: mobilizing CCNP member youths, women, men, differently able individuals, people of African and indigenous descent, environmentalists and those who might be considered the “least of these”.
  • Structural-organizational functions: working toward achieving a network that binds together the strengths of individuals and organizations committed to peace in each country and at a continental level.

Pastor Bracero has also become a leader in the fight for indigenous peoples in Guatemala who are battling with corporations that want to cut trees, bulldoze flower fields that the people native to Guatemala cherish as part of their cultural heritage, to pave roads for a large corporation.  He has told the Guatemalan people that the Christian community is with them in this battle for their culture to remain alive.