Missionary Profile: Ketly and Vital Pierre

Ketly and Vital Pierre have been missionaries in Nicaragua, but this year they wrapped up their mission assignment there and were transferred to the Dominican Republic.  Based in La Roma, they work in the East Coast of the Dominican Republic to strengthen local churches and encourage existing churches to plant new ones and disciple new members.  One way they do this is by leading and coordinating seminars and workshops.  Through these sessions, pastors and leaders of local congregations learn how to start and strengthen a broad range of outreach ministries in their communities.  The Pierres also serve as a link with volunteer groups, matching them with local ministries according to where they would be the most effective, as well as encouraging and facilitating Haitian mission work both within the Democratic Republic and abroad.

Two years ago, the Lord began speaking to the Pierres that it was time to depart from Nicaragua.  They wrestled with the idea, but wanted to be obedient to the Lord.  A year later they realized God was calling them to go back to the Dominican Republic.

Please pray for Ketly and Vital and their impact areas of evangelism, discipleship, and short-term mission engagement as they continue to encourage and challenge the church to use its many gifts and talents for the cause of Christ.

Here are their prayer requests:

  • For the transition for the Bethel Church in Bluefields, Kukra Hill and El Rama—that these congregations will grow stronger in the Lord through this time of change, attaining the whole measure of Christ.
  • For their family in their own transition as they face new challenges.
  • That they may walk together with the church leaders in this new ministry in the Dominican Republic.
  • For the men and women that God has called to himself, so the Pierres may accompany and equip them for works of service.

They appreciate our prayers!  Thank you!