Missionary Profile: Dan and Sharon Buttry

buttryOne of the goals of American Baptist International Ministries is to help people to pursue peace, justice and reconciliation through ministries of conflict transformation and education, as well as by standing with and serving the victims of conflict.  Dan Buttry, who serves as an International Ministries global consultant for peace and justice, works toward this goal.  In doing so, he works with International Ministries missionaries and national church partners around the world to deal constructively with conflict situations.  Some of these conflicts are social and political conflicts within a country; others are conflicts within the national church bodies that negatively impact Christian witness.

Dan trains church and community leaders in conflict transformation skills, using Bible study and experiential education methods.  He will consult with church leaders about conflicts plaguing them, sometimes participates in mediation teams between conflicted parties.  He also mentors people interested in conflict transformation.

Sharon is a Global Consultant for Community Transformation.  In this capacity, she provides consultation and training of community and conflict transformation at the request of IM global partners, primarily in coordination with and complementing Dan’s work.

Sharon states: “For me, Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14: 5-7).  I trust Him to work and speak through my witness in interfaith relationships.  I have had some amazing and wonderful moments when people of different faiths have asked for my prayer and spiritual counsel.

“Globally, Dan and I are sometimes invited to teach and do training in groups with Christians and interfaith leaders.  Our global partners, like us, have discovered that the Abrahamic faith traditions and most world religions promote ‘love of God and/or love of neighbor.’  We can find common cause to address issues of social and political injustice, meeting basic human needs and a desire for peace in our communities.  This is a powerful platform, because we know that there are forces at work in the world that create ‘extremists’ in all faiths – people who take justice into their own hands and resort to hatred and violence.  One thing we can do is support and encourage faith leaders of all traditions to speak out against extremism and hold our own faiths accountable for things that are obviously not God’s will.”

Please pray for Dan and Sharon Buttry and the work which God has called them to do.  Thank you!