Missionary Profile: Boaz Keibarak

Boaz Keibarak serves in Kenya through the Kingdom of Peace and Development (KOPAD) organization, promoting ministries of evangelism, discipleship, and conflict transformation. Here is his ministry story:

After the death of my father and other family challenges, I became homeless at the age of nine. I slept in empty maize sacks, searched for food in dumpsters, sniffed glue to cope with the pain, and got involved in stealing cattle. A local Kenyan pastor reached out and shared God’s love with me, and I lived with his family for the next 14 years. 

These life events made me know and experience God’s love, and have inspired me to serve God through ministries of peace and justice, and of evangelism and discipleship. 

Today I am doing meditation and reconciliation work among different tribes that live along the border between Kenya and Uganda. These tribes have been fighting over cattle and the sharing of natural resources. 

I am also focused on church planting, which is another way to build peace. 

Each week, I participate in a radio broadcast where I talk about peace building. After the main program, people call in with questions and we have a conversation about the biblical principles of peace and justice. This radio program is now reaching thousands of people!

Talking about peace and learning biblical principles of conflict resolution at both the local and national level helps create awareness and promotes nonviolence. 

I praise God for his work in my life and for using all my experiences to shape my ministry today. 

Please pray for Boaz. Here are some of his prayer requests:

  • Continued funding for the radio broadcast program and community forums about peace.
  • The training events for pastors and for conflict transformation trainers will be effective. 
  • His wife Sophie and their children – that they would be sustained to continue the ministries into which God has called them. 

Thank you!

~Caroline Overzet