Make a difference in the Middle East


Over the past few years, Memorial Baptist Church has formed an unexpected connection with friends and partners in ministry in Beirut Lebanon, through the work of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary and our ABC missionaries there, as well as with the ministry of Hadath Baptist Church.

The news lately is full of stories about events unfolding throughout the nations of the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Some of them are overwhelming in terms of the human suffering and seemingly intractable challenges people face.

As Christians, we believe that God is at work in the midst of all nations, continuing to redeem and transform people and systems.  One of the ways we have seen God at work is through the lives and actions of God’s people.

Digging Deeper / Becoming Informed:

  • Become an active learner – look for local / global perspectives in addition to news from national networks.  Take all sources with a grain of salt – look for the other pieces of the picture.  You may not agree with the perspective being shared – we may not completely agree either, but ask who they represent, what
  • Ask questions: Who are the participants, what are the motivations and fears involved, how are people being affected by what is going on?

Core Sites and Blogs:  – blog from the Institute of Middle East Studies – blog of Ziya Miral, Christian writer and human rights advocate – website of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary

Resurrection Church Beirut – Hadath Baptist Church website


Key Articles:

World Report 2013: Challenges for Rights After Arab Spring

9 Questions About Syria You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask


In Prayer

From a Christian perspective, we believe that one of the first and most important things we can do is to pray: for those who are suffering or persecuted, and for those who are in positions of leadership, power or influence.

In Acts of Compassion

The Syrian refugee crisis presents huge challenges to surrounding countries.  NGO’s and relief organizations from around the world are working to help those in need.  Two (of many) such agencies include:

You – Yes YOU Can Influence The Future of Syria/

Memorial Baptist Church is actively supporting the ministry of Resurrection Church Beirut (formerly known as Hadath Baptist Church) in their work to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of Syrian refugees.  Donations may be made to Memorial Baptist and marked for RCB – Syrian Relief

In Advocacy

Political solutions are hard to come by – but letting our congressional representatives know that we are informed and concerned about human rights abuses and concerns is another way of exerting positive influence.