From the Pastor’s Desk: Representatives of the King

There are a couple of reasons I don’t have a fish on the back of our car.  One is simply that I’m not that into bumper stickers or advertising my faith by slogan – but I have to confess that another reason is that I don’t want my driving to reflect badly on my Savior or my brother and sister Christians.  I’m not a frothing “road rage” driver, but I do get impatient.  And I struggle with the temptation to drive precisely the speed limit whenever someone tailgates me.  You might say that’s the letter of the law.  Indeed it is, but my spirit may have nothing to do with it…   Still working on that.

But it gets me to think about what it means to be a representative of the King.  Jesus calls us His disciples; we’re part of how God makes His Son visible in the world.  Paul calls us ambassadors for Christ, with the ministry and message of reconciliation to the world.

It’s something that we are all called to, not just “professionals”, and not just through sermons or books or blog articles – it’s as down to earth as what people see when we go to the restaurant, the way we treat our co-workers at work, how we treat our spouses, our children, and yes, how we drive.

It’s also in how we conduct ourselves online, the things we post, how we respond to those we disagree with, what we endorse and the tone we use.   What kind of image of Christ would people get from watching us, from listening to us?

There’s an old phrase which goes; “I’m not perfect, just forgiven.”  Very true.  But it was never meant to be a blanket excuse for however we wanted to behave.  Sometimes a sincere acknowledgement of the standard we failed to meet is how we point to the Jesus we are seeking to follow.

What would we do more of, what might change, if we kept in mind that we are always and everywhere, representatives of the King?

Pastor Brian