Dinner with Jesus

Nakahl (Jumieh lunch)

A new Coffee with Jesus posted on Facebook is often a bright spot in the morning – usually communicating something very profound along with more than a little sharp wit.  To folks who are used to a ‘tame’ Jesus – it can be a bit jarring.

Lent is a season connected to food in many ways – from “Fat Tuesday” where folks celebrate before entering a time of fasting, to the somber meal of Maundy Thursday recalling the Last Supper / New Passover Jesus shared with his disciples, to the feast of Easter, where family and friends and church members often gather in a variety of meals celebrating Jesus’ resurrection.

In the midst of all of this, I’d like to offer a quick but fascinating Bible Study.  Luke, above and beyond the other three Gospels, tells us about Jesus the dinner guest.

Luke 5:27-32
Luke 7:36-50
Luke 11:37-54
Luke 14:1-24
Luke 15:1-7
Luke 19:1-10

What do these passages tell us about who Jesus hung out with?

What do they say about Jesus’ priorities – about ours?

What do you think would Jesus say to us, if we were bold enough to invite him over to our homes for dinner?