Faith Online

Bible Study Resources

Bible Gateway – Free online resource with many Bibles, devotionals and other study materials.

OliveTree Bible Software – Cross-platform software with some free Bibles/resources.  Other resources are pay to download.  Simple interface, easy to use.

Logos Bible Software – In depth (and much more expensive) software.  One of the better packages for in-depth Bible study, especially with Hebrew/Greek language tools.  Also cross-platform.  Will sell both individual resources and packages of books to be used in the software.  Watch out for packages which seem to contain lots of resources and books that are of limited usefulness.

Online Devotionals / Prayer Guides

Common Prayer – An ecumenical site with daily prayers and scripture readings

Our Daily Bread – A devotional thought with scripture link. – Guided prayers from an Irish Jesuit site.  Some great content regardless of Christian denomination, other elements are more geared to Catholic believers.

dailyprayer – Nondenominational site with daily prayers, scripture readings and devotional reading

Pray As You Go – 10 minute podcast centered on a Lectio Divina style prayerful reflection on scripture.

Blogs and Journals:

Roger Olson – Billed as “my evangelical Armenian theological musings”, Dr. Olson tackles big topics like predestination, atonement, women in ministry from a thoughtful, theologically grounded perspective and an alternative to the New Reformed movement.

The Bible and Culture – The blog of Ben Witherington III, Amos Professor of New Testament for Doctoral Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary.  Covers a wide range of topics from pop culture to ancient manuscripts.

RedLetterChristians – The Blog of Tony Campolo and numerous other contributors.  Often focuses on issues of justice and social engagement.

A note: the views expressed in these links contain a range of perspectives.  Our goal is not to develop theological clones of one another, but in our community and devotional lives to grow in the image of Christ.  Take and test what is good in the light of Christ and leave the rest.