Missionary Profile: Kathy Charland

charlandKathy Charland has been endorsed to serve with the Women’s Ministry of the Baptist Community of Congo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where she will assist with the work of the Mitendi Center.  The Mitendi Center teaches life and vocational skills, such as literacy, sewing, and cooking to women at risk, empowering women to improve their socioeconomic conditions and providing a positive alternative to victimization.  Kathy looks forward to living among, and building relationships with, the Congolese, and to helping people grow in their discipleship as followers of Jesus Christ.

The Mitendi Center program is a two-year program for women that offers basic reading, writing, and math courses and training in sewing, crochet, knitting, cooking, and restaurant service.  The Mitendi Center currently serves 18 residential students and 9 day students.  Students participate in life skills courses, daily devotions, Bible study and praise.  The women also play sports once a week, have choir practice, and tend gardens.  The women who attend the Center come from situations of considerable poverty and have little to no family support and little education.  Without the influence of the Mitendi Center, they are at great risk of entering prostitution.  The mission of International Ministries is to help people come to faith in Jesus, grow in their relationship with God, and change their worlds through the power of the Spirit.

Missionary Profile: Dan and Sharon Buttry

buttryOne of the goals of American Baptist International Ministries is to help people to pursue peace, justice and reconciliation through ministries of conflict transformation and education, as well as by standing with and serving the victims of conflict.  Dan Buttry, who serves as an International Ministries global consultant for peace and justice, works toward this goal.  In doing so, he works with International Ministries missionaries and national church partners around the world to deal constructively with conflict situations.  Some of these conflicts are social and political conflicts within a country; others are conflicts within the national church bodies that negatively impact Christian witness.

Dan trains church and community leaders in conflict transformation skills, using Bible study and experiential education methods.  He will consult with church leaders about conflicts plaguing them, sometimes participates in mediation teams between conflicted parties.  He also mentors people interested in conflict transformation.

Sharon is a Global Consultant for Community Transformation.  In this capacity, she provides consultation and training of community and conflict transformation at the request of IM global partners, primarily in coordination with and complementing Dan’s work. Continue reading “Missionary Profile: Dan and Sharon Buttry”

Missionary Profile: Taku and Katie Longkumer

Taku Katie Longkumer

They are living in one of the most unique regions of the world!  Sadly, some of the wonderful attributes contributing to that uniqueness are also sources of ongoing conflict in the region.  Again this summer, Assam experienced eruptions of violent protests with loss of life and property.

On a happier note, this summer they launched the project “Kids For Missions,” feeling it would be a great opportunity for VBS and Sunday School groups to realize that each one of us, even kids, can make a difference in peoples’ lives with even just a one-time gift of $50.  That amount is enough to purchase a “kid,” a young goat that will provide milk for a family.  As it matures and reproduces, the first new “kid” will be passed on to another family to bring the nutritional and economic benefits of its milk and sale of future offspring to others in the community.  They have been surprised with the promising results of that venture.  Anyone wishing to contribute to this project is encouraged to do so.

Please pray that peace will prevail and for the church leaders of these peoples to be a voice of peace and healing in the midst of the conflict; that all parties would seek resolution through non-violent dialogue rather than through destructive demonstrations.  Please also pray for the “Kids for Missions” project.  Thanks!

Missionary Profile: Dan and Sarah Chetti

chettiDan and Sarah Chetti, International Ministries’ first missionaries in the Arab World, have been serving in Lebanon for over a decade. Dan is an adjunct professor at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Beirut – an institution preparing leaders for ministry primarily across nine countries in the Middle East and North Africa. He teaches History of Christianity and Historical Theology.  He is a member of the Faculty Council, mentors students, and does research and writing on contemporary Christianity. Dan is currently promoting a strategic ministry concept called Arab World Initiative.

Sarah worked as the Librarian at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, reviving and reorganizing it after the long Lebanese Civil War. She expanded the holdings, classified and computerizing the entire library.  She then trained and turned over the management of the library to a Lebanese lady.  Continue reading “Missionary Profile: Dan and Sarah Chetti”