About Us

Our Vision

“Sharing the Journey, Grow in Jesus’ Footsteps “

 That’s a one sentence core of how we seek to live out the mission God has for us and our congregation in our community.

Sharing the Journey – life is meant to be lived together.  We care for one another in the church, and we build relationships in our wider community, making God’s presence tangible by being present with one another, encouraging and helping one another in action and in our words, and also by enjoying life together and having fun along the way!

Growing in Jesus’ Footsteps — Christian life involves growth and transformation.  Jesus invites disciples to ‘Follow Him’ – and so we seek to walk with Jesus, as we are, and we discover that we are being changed in the process.  As we serve, as we seek, as we respond to God, we are challenged, transformed, and find that life gets bigger as we go.

There’s a reason we talk about walking in Jesus’ footsteps as a journey – sometimes two steps forward and one back (or even the other way around) — but our confidence and hope is in the God who calls and invites on the road.

“One of the great liabilities of life is that all too many people find themselves living amid a great period of social change, and yet they fail to develop the new attitudes, the new mental responses, that the new situation demands. They end up sleeping through a revolution.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Transformation and growth are two words that describe what happens in our lives as we get serious about following Jesus in how we act and relate to one another and to God. It also describes who we are as a group of people who together are seeking to follow Jesus. Memorial Baptist Church just celebrated its 60th anniversary.  In that space of time, God’s character hasn’t changed. God’s promises and offer of new life through Jesus haven’t changed. But our world has changed! And we want to be found faithful to God’s mission in our time and place.

Our Objectives:

  • Honor and glorify God through worship, service and our lives;
  • Welcome and walk beside all people who are seeking spiritual answers;
  • Create opportunities for prayer, Bible study and Christian education;
  • Passionately encourage Christian relations, growth, and renewal;
  • Recognize spiritual gifts and to utilize them in the service to God;
  • Branch out and share God’s love with everyone.

Our Statement of Faith

As a summary of biblical teaching we believe in:

  • Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, born of the Virgin Mary, who through his life,
    death and resurrection invites us into God’s kingdom and eternal life; (John 3:16)
  • The Holy Spirit, who lives within us, revealing God’s truth; (John 16:12-16)
  • The Holy Bible, God’s inspired word, that provides guidance and authority
    for our Christian journey; (2 Tim. 3:16)
(Scripture references are provided as a way of highlighting key texts in the development of our statement of faith, and not meant to be an exhaustive prooftexting or treatment of each element.  References are linked to the NIV translation through BibleGateway.com)

Our Mission Statement

We, Memorial Baptist Church, a group of people united by our faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior, are an open and accepting people. We welcome all persons in our search for truth as we look to the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Spirit for guidance. We challenge each other to grow spiritually through Bible study, public worship, and prayer.

We value our relationships and actively seek ways to deepen our friendship and love for one another. We support each other in good times and hard times, forgiving others as we have been forgiven by God. We share the good news of Christ’s love to our church family and with others. We also believe our church has a responsibility in our world to help those who are burdened with needs.

We seek to offer Christ in creative ways to new generations of people. We toil together in God’s Kingdom with many other churches and denominations. We welcome cooperation at all times, and trust that our efforts will serve and please our Lord Jesus Christ.